About Us

Basorge Tariah

Founded by Basorge Tariah Jnr (BASOENE TARIAH), a maestro whose fad is to discover, nurture and promote musical talents. Also, as a matter of routine – creates new sounds and fuses existing genres to produce a fresh cocktail of musical ingenuity. "Music is universal, and good music is transcedental". It transports you beyond boundaries of creed and color. Therefore, SOLID STAR RECORDS is not restricted by genre. Soul, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, jazz, makossa, highlife, electronica/techno, and any form of creative noise will appeal to us. Solid Star Records maintains a vibrant online presence – a pre-requisite for any serious endeavour in these times – and can be found on several music and social networks. Look for Solid Star Records on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, iTunes and instagram.

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